About TechSav

About TechSav
Who We Are

TechSav is an Information Technology Consulting and Enterprise Technology development company that specializes in delivering technology solutions to meet the needs of our clients. TechSav maintains a fundamental commitment to excellence that is evident in everything we do.
Established in 2009, TechSav is a privately held company who's reputation reflects the high quality of the talented TechSav team and the Consultants who work for our Clients. We are an HP authorized partner and a "preferred" vendor with over nineteen organizations throughout Nigeria.

Business Model

TechSav was founded to solve mid-tier problems — the middle of the bell curve where IT managers face a steady diet of technology upgrades, application rollouts and business problems which require resources beyond their own.

Industry Experience

Over the past 2 years, TechSav's management has developed experience and execution skills to create technical testing and certification processes and to design and implement standards based networks protocol software stacks. This combination of experience, management and engineering resources allows TechSav to:

  • Provide consultation and execution services for businesses
  • Provide technical expertise on standards to businesses
  • Provide support services for organizations writing standards
  • Implement test systems and test infrastructure