About TechSav

About TechSav
Industry Leading Expertise

Customers draw upon a wide range of services-all based on the best practices, methodologies and tools developed from TechSav's experience;

  • Project planning and scope evaluation
  • System architecture design and review
  • Application design and development
  • Technical project management

A Wide Range of Service Offerings

These pre-packaged service offerings are designed to help enterprises plan, build, and support effective and flexible content management solutions.
Partner Services
By combining TechSav products with other industry-leading solutions, Partner Services offers an efficient process for delivering "best in class" solutions.
A Blended Team
We provide "best in class" services specifically for your business efficiency needs by incorporating just the right partner consultants with our Services experts. By then blending this team with your own project staff, your initiative is sure to receive the most prescient attention.