Computer Hardware Supplies and Maintenance

TechSav Procurement Services supports the needs of large-enterprise and small to mid-tier organizations. We assign your organization a service delivery team consisting of a client manager, sales representative and service representative capable of processing orders quickly and accurately. With mature procurement processes that support the entire procurement cycle, TechSav supports customer needs beyond the initial sale through consultation, configuration, installation, and warranty support.

Procurement and Support
  • Design of long-term procurement strategies
  • Approaches to standardize equipment configurations
  • Manufacturer enhanced and extended hardware support strategies
  • Lifecycle management strategies (evergreening)
  • Pre and post sales product support
  • Financing strategies
  • Available customized procurement and backorder reports
Configuration and Delivery
  • Desktop, laptop and server configuration services
  • Customized software loads
  • On-site deployment services
Post Procurement Service
  • Onsite and depot support services
  • Manufacturer warranty and post-warranty services
  • Extended warranty services
  • Secure equipment disposal