Digital & Social Media Solutions

Social Media

Build communities, enable participation and encourage online interaction with comments, ratings, tags, blogs, wikis, forums, video and recommendations.

The TechSav Social Media Solution makes it possible for you to enhance your Web presence and enable user-generated content, both inside and outside the firewall, with our integrated, enterprise product offerings. In addition to common Web 2.0 features such as blogs, wikis, forums, ratings, reviews, and tags, TechSav takes social media even further.

Web Services
  • We make sure that we create the right first impression to stimulate interest among the visitors to learn more about your business.
  • We not only do an impressive website but follow the key web standards.
  • We learn about your business and do highlight your key strengths, services and products at right place
  • We use latest coding standards and newest innovations prevalent in industry.
  • We develop robust web applications which are fast, secure and intuitive.
  • We do high performance code using our own enhanced code libraries and frameworks.
  • We learn about your business, competitive strengths & weaknesses and target customers before the real action starts.
  • We formulate an intelligent marketing plan which is within your marketing budget.
  • We put the marketing plan into action and analyze the results achieved and adjust the marketing plan accordingly.
  • Our consultants are available to advise you for right action.
Online Marketing

Using TechSav, financial institutions can create a compelling next generation online experience, improve marketing effectiveness and online conversion rates, manage digital Web content and deliver consistent brand message across all channels. TechSav solutions automatically optimize the content for users recommending the most useful resources available online based on what has worked for similar online visitors.